Super Seed #21- Movie Treatment

I just registered a treatment for Super Seed: The Movie, with the Writer's Guild of America.

In April of this year, back when Super Seed was picked up to run in a Zuda competition, I fielded some inquiries about the rights to Super Seed as a motion picture. At the time, I really hadn't given it much thought...Super Seed was a comic, and I didn't have a strong grasp on what a Super Seed feature might look like.

Fast-forward to the present. Rather than recreate the wheel, what I've done is weave together the four major storylines of Super Seed Issues 1-4 into one narrative. The result is a treatment for a film that I hope is exciting, engaging, and provacative. The cool thing is that, at it's very core, the essence and the spirit of the comic is retained. Having had time to revisit the material, I think I found some clever ways to weave things together, and made a few changes that make things work better as a movie.

The initial feedback I've received from the few people I've shared the treatment with has been very positive. Next steps are turning the treatment into a screenplay and testing the waters to try to find some interest in the material. Fingers crossed, of course.

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Steve Steiner said...

good luck! I know i'd go see the movie!