CC!TA+C@Comic Related #4: Research Part II

Another Creating Comics! article at Comic Related is now up. In it, I talk about the development of a research plan for Interrogation Control Element.

If you missed any of my earlier articles, you can always check them at over there, or follow these links:

1: Big Goals

2: Resolutions

3: The Great Idea

4: Research- Part 1


June Projects Update!

Here's the monthly round up of all things Tyler James Comics!

  • Kick-off month has been a success! With very little advertising outside of my Twitter/Facebook updates reminding folks a new page is up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Over has already gotten off to a promising start. Some 2000+ unique visitors have stopped by overcomic.com, and the story has yet to get into full gear. Additionally, I'm pleased with the response Over is getting, especially from folks who aren't your typical comic book readers.
  • I was also happy to have Over score a positive first review from RKB and Pigs of the Industry. If you haven't read the review, make sure you check it out.
  • I'm on schedule to wrap up the first 34 page chapter before the end of the month, and will then start the printing process. More details on how you can get your hands on a print copy of Over next month.
  • You know the old saying, "A trailer speaks louder than words?"

Tears of the Dragon
  • Still on schedule for it's July 14th kickoff. Colored pages are starting to come in from Paul Little, and I'm expecting another batch of pages from Koko very soon.
  • Here's just another glimpse at Tears for ya.
  • I need to budget some time to work on the script for the second issue of Tears, so that Koko can pick right up with it as soon as he finishes the latest pages.

Creating Comics! The Art + Craft
  • I'm now four articles into my run over at Comic Related. So far so good. It'd be nicer if I could get more comments and discussion going in the comments fields, but it's still early in my tenure as a comic columnist. Hopefully some people are finding my articles beneficial.
  • If you needs to get caught up on the articles, here is a link to the latest column.
Other Stuff
  • Sure, there's other stuff going on. Lot's of it. Another Creating Comics! class in the fall, conventions stuff to plan, promotions galore for my various endeavors. I'm a busy kid at the moment. But busy is good.


Pigs of the Industry Interview!

In addition to his review of Over, which I mentioned the other day, Pigs of the Industry blogger RKB interviewed me for his blog, asking questions about Over and some of my other projects, and about how I do the voodoo that I do.

Read the full interview at his site here.


Over #3: Pigs of the Industry Reviews "Over"

I just read Pigs of the Industry's review of Over, my romantic comedy online graphic novel that launched at the beginning of this month. Pigs' blogger-in-chief RKB usually reviews Zuda competition submissions, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was going to be reviewing my self published title this week.

RKB was a big supporter of Super Seed when it had a go in the April 2008 Zuda comp, and I was pleased to read in his review that he is also really enjoying Over. A snippet from his review:

The dialogue and Felix's interactions with the people he knows has some funny lines and real feelings in just the first few pages. What puts Over over the top with me is the color scheme, and the letters. The tonal coloring matches the moments in the story....

The best thing for me about the story is the 3-D characters I'm seeing on my flat screen. I have no idea how this story is going to end. Will Felix get Faith back??? I doubt it, but it could happen. Will Gwen become a new love interest for Felix? Will Sootch become a quaterback in the NFL??? Will Tony ever get those pages of 'Fire of the Pendragon'? The fact I care about what happens to all these characters (not just Felix), is proof Tyler did a amazing comic you should be reading.

Read RKB's full review here.


CC!TA+C@Comic Related #4: Research Part I

My latest Creating Comics! article at Comic Related is now up. I discuss the importance of research and gives some tips for researching for your comic stories.

If you missed any of my earlier articles, you can always check them at over there, or follow these links:

#1: Big Goals

#2: Resolutions

#3: The Great Idea


On the Screen #6: Arkham Trailer

Pretty damn creepy for a cartoon, no?


Other Art

I don't do a ton of art as a game designer at work. But every once and a while, I'll get to break out the artistic chops for one thing or another. Here is a piece I did for a small project we're working on this summer. This is Haley.


CC!TA+C@Comic Related #3: The Great Idea

I did my thing again this week over at Comic Related. This essentially a revised and expanded discussion of what to do when that moment of inspiration hits and you have a killer idea for a story.

To read the full article, follow this link.


Tears of the Dragon #19: Another Sneak Peek!

Happy to report that Tears of the Dragon is right on schedule. Just got an outstanding batch of pages from Koko Amboro in my inbox this morning. This project has been in the works since last summer, and while a few people have been able to check out Tears in the limited print run of Tyler James Comics Presents...Vol. 1 and the TOTD ashcans I've had at shows, the project has been largely under wraps. That changes Tuesday, July 14, when Tears goes live!

To hold you over, here is the sneakiest of peeks at some of the latest pages of Tears.


CC!TA+C@Comic Related #2: Resolutions

The second installment of my new weekly column, Creating Comics! The Art + Craft debuted at Comic Related last night. As I mentioned last month, I'm excited about writing this column for the folks at CR and looking forward to reaching out to a broader audience.

In this week's column I discuss resolutions, the habits that make achieving your goals more possible. Check it out.

And if you missed last week's column, that's not a problem. Head on over and leave a comment.


Over #2: Launch Day!

June 1 is here and so is Over! As I announced last month, I would soon be launching my first online graphic novel. The first page went live today. The site will update with content daily for at least the first month, and a new page will load every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you haven't checked it out, well, head on over to Overcomic.com and give it a shot.