Over #1: New Online Graphic Novel Debuting June 1!

Announcement time! After months of alluding to it on my blog, I'm officially announcing the upcoming launch of Over, a romantic comedy graphic novel that will be debuting on the web June 1, 2009.

This is a project nearly six months in the making, one that began as a graphic novel, transitioned to a screenplay, has gone through more than four script rewrites, and has now been translated back into a graphic novel. The story is finally at a point where I can say with some confidence, "Yup, this'll work and I think people will like it."

Over marks my first return to handling both penciling and art chores on a book since the third issue of Super Seed was completed more than a year ago. (Wow. That's crazy.) I'm absolutely loving drawing again, and I better, because Over will be my most ambitious project to date.

When Over goes live on June 1, it will run on its own website, and update with a new page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also have a ton of original blog content to add to the Over site, so I hope to make it a fun destination for your weekly web-surfing. Expect to hear more about the project in the weeks to come leading up to its launch, but for now, here's a bit more about what's in store...


Story and Art by Tyler James

Breaking up is the easy part…

Struggling to get over the woman who broke his heart, indy comic book writer Felix Hughes makes a graphic novel recounting every painful detail of the breakup. Convinced he’s created a work of staggering relevance and romantic brilliance, Felix expects the book to bring him fame, fortune, a visit to Oprah’s couch, and possibly even his ex-girlfriend back. Unfortunately, the graphic novel is completely unpublishable, and threatens to destroy his relationships, his career, and his chance at finding love again.

Join Felix and a cast of oddball characters, including Tony Tuttle, his irascible publisher and the Editor-In-Chief of Blam! Comics; Skate, his cocky artist partner on the hit fantasy comic “Fire of the Pendragon”; Gwen, Tony’s adorably flaky assistant who hangs on Felix’s every word; Jinx Jeffers, the only bum in this small New England town; Troy, Matt and Sootch, the neighborhood boys with whom Felix starts a war; and a dog named Stan Lee.

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Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

Hey! I am looking forward to reading more of this book.