Events, Appearances, Promotions #4- Boston Comic Con Merchandise

Just a reminder, I'll be tabling at the Boston Comic Con this Sunday 10 am- 6 pm.

As far as schwag goes, I'll have issues of Super Seed #1-3 for sale, Super Seed Prints, and NEW Tears of the Dragon and CounterTERROR ashcans. I'll also bring along some of my art portfolios and perhaps do some sketching.

I'll try to remember my camera and take some pics of the con as well.

For more details on the Boston Comic Con, check out the website. It should be a good time, so I hope you'll stop by.

Oh and by the way...

Happy Halloween!

Tears of the Dragon #5: Colorist!

Tears of the Dragon has found itself a colorist! Paul Little is coming on board to lend his colors to Koko Amboro's gorgeous line art. Paul has done work for Arcana and Image comics, and has working coming for Shadowline and Jay Faeber.

You can check out more of Paul's work at his comicspace page.

I've also included here just a little sneak peak at Paul's dazzling colors. Obviously, I'm thrilled to have him join the TOTD team.


CounterTERROR #9- Production Blog!

As CounterTERROR gets closer to its debut, I decided to put together a production blog for the comic.

Feel free to check it out here and add it to your RSS feeds.

As always, comments and crits are appreciated, and anything you'd like to see on there or suggestions for improvements are all things I'd love to hear. I'll definitely be adding new stuff over the month of November, so continue to check it out.


Tears of the Dragon #4: Re-remix

Here's another colorist's take on the Tears of the Dragon pin-up. This one is courtesy of Icepick, a member of Rob Liefeld's forum.

I really like the details and lighting on the swords and hilts. Definitely a much darker take on the piece, but I think it works.

Events, Appearances, Promotion #3: Boston Comic Con

Come check me out at the
Boston Comic Con! I got an email last week from Jim Talbot of Bedrock Comics, who is organizing the event. Jim told me a few table spots had opened up and I decided to snag one.

I still have some inventory left over from the Boston Zine Fair, so hopefully I'll move a few more copies of Super Seed. I'm also plan on having some CounterTERROR pages on hand for people to check out.

So, if you're in the Boston area, come check it out. The con is Sunday, November 2 at the Back Bay Events Center. The admission is $10 and children under 10 are free.


October Projects Update!

As promised, here's a rundown of what's what with my projects...

Super Seed
  • The "Blood Thinning" storyline is currently running over at the website. Read it again, or for the first time! www.superseedcomic.com
  • All three issues of Super Seed are still being sold over at IndyPlanet.com. If you haven't picked up print copies yet, check them out. Here are links to Super Seed #1, Super Seed #2 and Super Seed #3.
  • Super Seed continues to resonate with the public! I moved a lot of books at the Boston Zine Fair last month, more than I had hoped. I've got another appearance coming up, so hopefully I'll push a few more.
  • Still not in a position to give any indication about when readers can expect to see the next arc, "Surrogate." I'm afraid I've been awful busy getting my other projects off the ground, and having a ton of fun with them, but I won't be abandoning my baby, not to worry.
  • Not a whole lot new to report, seeing as I've been lacing this board with CT previews lately.
  • What I can say is that I have eight completely finished pages and a pitching document that I'm using to try to find a publisher. I'm optimistic I'll have something secured within the next two months.
  • CT artist Stefano Cardoselli is hard at work on some of his other projects, but I'm hoping to keep him warm with a few other CT art requests in the meantime.
  • I've included another sneak peak image in this update.

Tears of the Dragon
  • I've received this week the initial batch of inked pages from Koko Amboro, who is doing really nice work on this project. Wait till you see page 8!
  • In talks now, trying to nail down a color artist for this project. If any readers are interested, send me an email at superseedcomic@gmail.com.
  • Here's a look at Koko's pencils:

ICE: Interrogation Control Element
  • Damian Couceiro has finished penciling five pages of CT so far, and they're looking great.
  • As you can see from the image posted here, Damian has a strong grasp of facial expressions and is an accomplished draftsman and very strong artist.

Creating Comics! Class
  • Underway and in full swing as of this past Tuesday. It's going to be a good six weeks! I have a small, eclectic group of comic enthusiasts who are all interested in learning more about writing for sequential art. I think we're all going to learn a lot.
  • I've also been approached about adapting the class to a younger audience, and do a six week, one hour class as a part of a local after-school program early next year. While I have yet to commit, given my background (I used to teach elementary school) and the fact that I first started getting into comics as a kid and know I would have loved a class like this, make it a hard offer to refuse. So I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this in the future.
That's pretty much it for an update. One problem I don't have is keeping busy.


ICE #4: Another sneak peak...

While this project is still a ways away from debuting, I couldn't resist sharing another quick glimpse at pencils for my project ICE: Interrogation Control Element. I'm really enjoying working with Argentinian artist Damian Couceiro on this. Hope you like...

I've had a lot going on lately, both personally and professionally, but that's not to say there isn't a ton of stuff going on comics-wise for me. Expect an October Projects Update coming soon.


Creating Comics #3: Class Begins Next Week

I've been busy crossing t's and dotting i's on my syllabus for the class I'm teaching this fall at the Newburyport Adult & Continuing Education Center called Creating Comics! Scriptwriting for Comics and Graphic Novels.

I've planned a six week survey course to cover a number of topics relevant to writing for sequential art. The class will be a mix of mini-lectures, comics and comics literature discussion, short writing exercises, homework readings, and workshopping of student scripts. The culminating project for my students will be to leave class with a finished 8-page comic script ready to be handed to an artist.

Here are the major topics I'll cover over the six-week course:

Week 1

Talking Comics: The Terminology of Visual Storytelling

What Does a Comic Script Look Like?

Week 2

Sequential Storytelling Tips and Tricks:
Smooth Transitions & Word/Image Relationship

Week 3

Creating & Writing Great Characters

Week 4

Genres & Style & Form

Print Vs. Digital

Week 5

Comics Collaborations: Working with artists to achieve your vision

Week 6

Good Writing Means Re-writing: Refining & revising

Comics Marketing: Marketing your comic and yourself

If any readers have suggestions on must-read materials, books, links, etc. on any of those topics I'd love to hear them.

My class begins next
Tuesday, October 14. For more information on the class, go here.


CounterTERROR #8: More Promos

I was an ad creating machine, yesterday. Here's a few more early drafts for CounterTERROR ads...this time around- leaderboard ads.





CounterTERROR #7: Update/Gearing up for Promotion


One more page left to finish for the initial 8 page CounterTERROR teaser! I knocked out the colors on a couple of very cool pages this weekend. It was very important to me that the final page really knock it out of the park, and it took some back and forth with series artist Stefano Cardoselli, exchanging ideas, sketches, and multiple layouts, but we finally arrived at a shared vision. I saw the pencils for page 8 yesterday and they blew me away. He'll get that page inked and in my hands today, and then the ball is back in my court to finish it strong.

In the meantime, I've started doing some concepts for promotion and banner ads and such. Here's an early draft of an ad that soon will be plastered round the net. Comments and crits appreciated.


Social Networking #1: Myspace

It's been a while since I've checked out Myspace. While I don't necessarily need more ways to waste time on the net, there are plenty of good comics groups over there, and it's always good to network. Plus they've made some pretty nice improvements since I was last there.

So if you're on myspace, friend me!


Tears of the Dragon #3: Update!

Just a little update about the status of Tears of the Dragon! Artist Koko Amboro has been churning out pages at a great rate. It's pretty funny. Koko lives in Indonesia and the internet access isn't nearly as ubiquitous there as it is here. So, I'll go a few weeks without hearing from him, and then out of the blue, my inbox will be filled with a bunch of gorgeous pages. It's very cool.

He's really bringing this ambitious story to life, and it's awesome to see. Koko has a strong design sense and a great imagination, and it's definitely translating to the page. The glimpse I've provided above hardly does his work justice. But hope you enjoy the tease.