CounterTERROR #7: Update/Gearing up for Promotion


One more page left to finish for the initial 8 page CounterTERROR teaser! I knocked out the colors on a couple of very cool pages this weekend. It was very important to me that the final page really knock it out of the park, and it took some back and forth with series artist Stefano Cardoselli, exchanging ideas, sketches, and multiple layouts, but we finally arrived at a shared vision. I saw the pencils for page 8 yesterday and they blew me away. He'll get that page inked and in my hands today, and then the ball is back in my court to finish it strong.

In the meantime, I've started doing some concepts for promotion and banner ads and such. Here's an early draft of an ad that soon will be plastered round the net. Comments and crits appreciated.

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