Tears of the Dragon #18: Exclusive New Wallpaper

Hey there.

New Tears of the Dragon wallpaper available over at the new Tears of the Dragon Website. The site itself is under construction and won't go live until July 14, 2009, when Tears starts its regular weekly updating schedule.

But, as a gift to those who joined the Tyler James Comics Facebook Group recently, I've made some exclusive new wallpaper available.

But wait, that looks familiar. Yes, it's similar to the wallpaper displayed here before, with a few additions. The new image features the awesome Tears of the Dragon logo designed by Andrew Jarvis. You'll also notice that the fearsome dragon, Sythic, is now gray, and that's how he'll appear in the comic.

If you'd like to grab this exclusive wallpaper two, click here. The password is dragontears.

Also, if you haven't joined my Facebook Group, please do.

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Caine said...

What about those of use who are more twitter users than face book users? Do you have a twitter account? I'll follow you...and stuff :-p