How to Write for Marvel!

No, don't take my word for it. Take Marvel editor CB Cebulski's. If you're an aspiring comics professional, you should really be following CB on Twitter: @CBCebulski He routinely drops absolute gems of knowledge.

Case in point, this series of Tweets on 9/4/2009:
  • Simply put, all Marvel editors handle their own writer recruitment on their titles & you need to get your PUBLISHED work into their hands.
  • Marvel no longer has an open submission policy. Do not send us your scripts/ideas. You can't submit to Marvel unless you're asked to submit
  • You get asked to submit by getting published elsewhere, or self-publishing, making a name for yourself and sending us your PUBLISHED work.
  • Then, if an editor likes what he or she reads from you, they may reach out and ask you to pitch them on Marvel comics. That's how it works.

And there you have it. There's no magic bullet. Hearing this kind of thing is really encouraging actually. It puts the onus on you and your work. No one is going to make you a star and no one is going to just hand you a job. It's about earning it.

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