Baltimore Comic-Con Photo Flood- Part I

Hey everybody!

Still catching up on sleep and rest after a wild Baltimore Comic-Con. I'll be doing a full write up on my con experience over at Comic Related, but here I'm going to post all the pics I took.

Here was my Saturday set-up. As you can see, I had a whole lot of merchandise to sell.

Early Saturday, this was the view from my table.

The happiest Sith warriors you'll find anywhere.

I don't think you can label where my table was as in Artist's Alley. It was more like we were in Artist's Lane, which was along the back wall of the convention center (near the restrooms) and close to the vendors.

Some really great costumes this year.
You know what they say...Couples that dress up as psychopathic super villians together, stay together.

This Wolverine was not messing around.

Back with more pics soon...

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