Velvet Rope #1- Intro

So, now that Zuda is done dominating my comics life for the foreseeable future, I suppose now is as good a time as any to announce what else I've got going on comics-wise. (And yes, Super Seed is still rolling...and yes, there will be an announcement about where one can read more Super Seed coming soon.) But for now, let's turn our attention too...

The Velvet Rope!

What is the Velvet Rope, you ask? Well, in creator Mark Poulton's words, "The Velvet Rope is a new anthology I am producing along with my [Koni Waves co-creator's] Steve [Sistilli] and Dexter [Weeks], for Arcana. We are trying to collect some of the coolest horror stories around in time for Halloween. The book was inspired by the old Creepy and Tales From The Crypt comics. Our hostess, Velvet, will introduce each short story and in fact have her own little story running at the beginning and end of the anthology to bookend the comic nicely."

After meeting Mark at NYCC, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and take a stab (get it) at writing a short horror piece for this project. So, last Saturday, I wrote a short 7 page comic script, my first horror piece. I took it my comics writing class on Monday, where it was promptly torn to shreds. Only slightly deterred, I spent a few hours reworking it, added a couple pages and sent it off to Mark Poulton. Mark loved it, and said he wants to see a couple pages and then will green light it for inclusion in the anthology.

As I was conceiving this story, a dark tale of a high school prank that goes awry inspired by recent headlines, I decided that I wanted to layout and pencil the story, but would really like to get a talented inker to ink it for me. I really wanted someone whose inking style was grittier and a contrast to my rather conventional art style. I actually had a specific artist in mind, and I'm happy to say, I got him!

Bong Abad is going to be inking me for this project. Below is a killer Ghost Rider pic he did recently, and his blog has a ton of cool images as well. I honestly have NO idea how well the two of our styles will gel, but I'm excited to see what happens. So stay tuned for more updates.


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