Super Seed #15- Super Seed Updating Regularly

Two panels from Super Seed, Episode 1, Page 11

It's been a week since I relaunched Super Seed at it's new online home, www.superseedcomic.com. I'm pleased with how the site looks, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find that I'm getting roughly the same number of daily page views as I was getting over at Zuda. I've been doing only a modest amount of web advertising, a lot less than I was doing during the Zuda competition. So, kudos to webcomicsnation for it's service and fan base. And thanks to all of you who are following Super Seed as the story continues.

And for the record...I love the Yankees.

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ALAN said...

awesome page man! great dialoge flow and mood coloring for that final panel.

and for the record I do hate the yankees.