Super Seed #19: New (kinda) Storyline

For those of you following the online version of Super Seed at www.superseedcomic.com, you may have noticed that I took a bit of a hiatus for the past two weeks. I wrapped up the "Episode 1: Donor" storyline in early August, and after 10 weeks of consistent, 3 x's a week updates of my webcomic, I figure I deserved a little break.

But not to worry, updates resumed on Monday, with "Interlude: Birth Perfects." Okay, so, fans of Super Seed from the beginning will recognize this story as the the first Super Seed story ever done. But it's been remastered a bit to fit with the current style of the web comic. So, check it out M-W-F.

In other Super Seed news, I got a nice review the other day from someone who bought the print version of issue 1. (Which just happens to be available for purchase here.) That story was my first forray into the world of print comics. I learned a ton putting that story together, and it's nice to hear there are still some people discovering it. Made my day.

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