February Projects Update

Just getting it in before the month ends... That was cutting it close. Here goes!

Creating Comics! Class
  • Creating Comics! 6-8 is well underway. It's a small group of four very creative middle schoolers. I'll be showing some stuff from class here soon. I'm having a blast doing it.
  • Creating Comics! Scriptwriting for Comics and Graphic Novels will be offered again this Spring semester at the Newburyport Adult and Continuing Education Center. New course catalogs should go out soon.
Tears of the Dragon
  • A few updates to the Tears of the Dragon Production Website. More new content will be added soon.
  • Looks like it'll be another month before I'll know whether the first publisher I've submitted Tears to bites. Obviously, I hope they give it a chance. It's a story I'm dying to tell, and a publisher and a page rate makes that a whole lot easier. So fingers crossed, kids.

  • I've sent a killer submissions package to a publisher I think would be a great home for ICE: Interrogation Control Element. This weekend, I'm preparing packages for two more publishers who I believe would also be a good fit for ICE. So, it's the waiting game for now. However...
  • I just read How to Break a Terrorist by Matthew Alexander. It was a good, quick, and riveting read, that told the story of the interrogators who broke the prisoners in Iraq that directly lead to the killing of Zarqawi, Iraq's most dangerous terrorist. And, much like Trip Higgins in ICE, Matthew and his 'terps did it the right way. It will definitely further inform ICE as it develops.
Screenplay/Original Graphic Novel Project
  • This morning, I just started my third draft of my screenplay. I've had about 14 people read the script, and have received incredibly helpful feedback. I have a clear idea of where I need to take the script in this next draft, and I'm excited to remold it. This project has been an incredible journey. Regardless of what happens with it, on so many levels, it's been nothing but a blessing.
  • As I mentioned previously, rather than wait for some producer to "discover" my script from the haystack of 100,000+ screenplays written each year, I'm going to bring the script to life in the form of an original graphic novel...after I'm satisfied I've got the story right in screenplay form first. Since I'm still re-writing, I haven't done too much with the graphic novel side. However, I did do a bunch of character sheets. Here's a couple for you...
This is Gwen...It's my goal to make you absolutely love her. Haven't done it quite yet in the screenplay, but in this next re-write...that's when she comes into her own.

The boys...Love these characters. They lighten the tone of what begins as a rather dark comedy, and help define our protagonist.

Super Seed
  • The Blood Thinning storyline finishes up next week at the website. Don't miss it.

  • No word from iVerse Media on my submission package. According to their website, they say they reply within a week. That didn't happen, but I imagine they've been flooded with submissions.
  • I still need to finish my NYCC report! I have a bunch more pics and stuff to talk about from the show, but it's been a busy couple of weeks.
  • Looking to reserve table space at two shows in Boston...more details to come of course.

So, that's the wrap...and by the way, I just entered my THIRTIES. God that sounds weird to say. But you know what...I'm okay with today and looking forward to tomorrow, and as long as that's the case, what exactly does age matter?

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