December Projects Update

Where does the time go? Seems like just the other day I was typing out the November update, prepping for Thanksgiving, and here we are in December with Christmas just around the bend. Here's just a quick update on my projects.

Super Seed
  • Updates continue at www.superseedcomic.com. I was pleasantly surprised to see (and somewhat shocked) that Project Wonderful adspace on the Super Seed site reached a high bid value of $5 a day recently. Sure, it dropped down to more modest levels shortly thereafter, but it's been enjoyable seeing the site's popularity continue to slowly grow.
  • As I mentioned in November, production on Super Seed is in a holding period as I focus on getting other projects off the ground.
  • I got some good feedback on my Super Seed Movie Treatment and will schedule some time to do a rewrite in the coming months.
  • Fingers still crossed. Last month at this time, I was hoping I'd hear something from publishers in a week or two. This month, I'll be shocked if I don't hear something in a week or two. (Hopefully, next month I'll have big CT news to talk about.)
  • I spent some time working with a good friend of mine and Flash wizard, storyboarding a trailer for CounterTERROR. I'm hoping to debut that bad boy soon as well.
Tears of the Dragon
  • I expect to have all 8 colored pages in hand come mid-January, hopefully earlier. Getting new colored pages from Paul Little in my inbox is one of the highlights of my week.
  • I put some time into doing some character development work, really fleshing out the major characters of the book. Doing so is a great exercise, and really gets the wheels turning and the story ideas flowing.
  • I've asked artist Koko Amboro to do another pin-up for Tears while we're waiting for the colors to get finished and the publisher shopping to commence.

  • By now, you've seen some inked previews of Damian Couceiro's gorgeous ICE pages. If you haven't, check them out here and here.
  • After working with an editor, I came to the conclusion that the first 8 pages did not have enough of a punch storywise to hook the reader. My synopsis and pitch talked a big game, but I really didn't include enough of the story I'm planning on telling in the initial 8. Luckily, there was a relatively painless fix. I decided to slip in a two page sequence of a deadly prison break, which will establish the main antagonist into pages 5-6, pushing the other pages back two. Luckily, Damian was amenable to the change, and was willing to draw the additional two pages. On the whole, I think the story gets off to a much better start because of them.
  • I spent some time on a plane this past weekend working through all of the major beats of the ICE story. Right now, it's probably looking like a 5-6 issue mini-series, but one that certainly could be extended into an ongoing. I've been adjusting my creative process to really see the entire story and have that plotted and planned firmly before writing word one of a script. The now ten pages of work done by Damian actually serve as a great prelude to the main story. I could potentially see those ten pages being hosted on the net as an online preview of sorts, to a main story that would come in floppies.
  • Still no movement on the colorist. Because Damian's inks are so strong (and because of the realities of the great expense associated with color) I may consider just doing this book in black and white. I'm also going to play around a bit with grey tones. So, this is still a question mark.

Original Graphic Novel Project
  • Oh, enthusiasm! What a double-edge sword you are. Last month in the update, I announced I was working on a graphic novel project and was raring to go. I had to pull back the reigns on this one, well, because the story I was planning on telling wasn't much of a story and simply would not work well as a comic. I almost ditched the thing entirely, and for the most part did. But something has started to emerge from the ashes of that original work. Sure, it's inspired by the same theme, but a vastly different (and hopefully much, much better piece.) And by different I mean different characters, first to third person story telling, it's now actually a comedy, the list goes on and on...
  • While I've loaded up on art supplies, I won't draw a single panel until I'm confident the script is very good. If for some reason I'm off the mark (and that's been known to happen a lot recently) and it never becomes very good, well, I'll shelve it. But that's going to entail multiple re-writes, reviews by friends and editors, and a whole lot of work. But what the hell, I got the time on my hands.
Creating Comics Class
  • I'm working now on the syllabus and the materials for my Creating Comics After-School program I'll be kicking off the end of January. I'm looking forward to working with kids on comics. Should be a blast.

And now you're caught up! Fingers crossed for a BIG January.


Lorenzo said...

yeah i sort of wish i could tell stories visually. right now i have a lot of smartypants characters who talk a lot and smoke a lot. oh wait, i just described mad men!

Tyler James said...

Ha. Well, Mad Man is good...although I wouldn't say your man Don Draper is a big talker. Only when he needs to get the job done. Otherwise he's happy to lay back in the cut, and just look perfect. I hate him so much. :)