ICE #8: Cover Sketches

I've asked ICE: Interrogation Control Element artist Damian Couceiro to draw a kick-ass cover image for the series in addition to the ten submission pages he's already knocked out. I gave him a few ideas about what to include in the image, but also encouraged him to try some things out that he thought might work.

This morning, he sent three potential cover images to me and I really liked what I saw. One of the images, with a few slight tweaks, is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.

Here are the two other cover sketches that weren't quite what I was looking for at this time, but still both a testament to Damian's strong design sense.

This first one strikes me as a very powerful image, and has great symbolism. I may hang onto this idea, because I think it's very strong.


This second cover sketch is actually very similar to what will hopefully be a great finished cover. All of the elements are the same as the cover I'm requesting- the protagonist Trip Higgins looking somber, a terrorist up to no good, a guy getting water boarded, and the American flag waving in the background. The composition on this cover just wasn't quite as fluid as the third design.


Hopefully, I'll be able to share the finished cover soon.

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