April Projects Update!

Here's a quick update on what's going on in Tyler James Comics land. Though I'm seemingly busier than ever with comics projects, this is going to seem like the calm before the storm of what I'm anticipating will be a crazy summer. Here we go...

ICE: Interrogation Control Element
  • All quiet on the ICE front now that she's been submitted to Zuda. There's not much I can do but wait...Well, that's not exactly true. There's a marketing plan to create, banner ads to develop, I could do a production website...you know, I did all those things in anticipation of both Tears and CounterTERROR getting into a Zuda comp, and it may have jinxed me. So, for now, all I'm going to do is keep reading and researching.
  • If there's one thing ICE is, probably more so than any comic ever to appear on Zuda, it's topical. ICE is being helped by the headlines, what with the interrogation techniques memos being released recently and the torture debate flaring up again on cable news and talk radio. It's clearly a topic that gets people fired up. Right, Shep Smith...

Tears of the Dragon
  • I previewed the new Tears logo, designed by Andrew Jarvis, on this blog earlier in the week. I'm pretty jazzed about it.
  • Koko Amboro is cranking on layouts for the second half of the first chapter. I can't wait to see what he's come up with, and expect an email from him soon.
  • I put in a big art supplies order this week for Koko. See, Koko lives in Indonesia, and getting his hands on top quality art supplies is often a challenge. So, I'll be compensating Koko for his great work on Tears with some professional quality comic formatted bristol board paper, as well as some curve templates, pens, and comic drawing books. A lot more fun to go on a shopping spree for Koko than it is to just send him a check.
  • Expect Tears to launch as a weekly updating webcomic this summer. Launch date to come soon.
Screenplay/Graphic Novel Project
  • Except for a few close friends and family, I've kept the details to this project pretty close to the vest. Well, I'm not quite ready to go into more details yet, but next month, I will be. And shortly there after, I'll launch it as an online graphic novel.
  • In the last few weeks, I've started the process of managing my own websites. I've now got server space/hosting through Dreamhost and have started learning to manage a Wordpress site with the Comic Press theme. Luckily, it's been easier to learn than I thought, and I've already built the template site for my OGN. All I need is the content...
  • Speaking of which, I now have 3+ weeks of comic content completed for my site. I'm holding off launching until I have 7-10 weeks of content completed. Finding an audience and sticking to a regular, consistent update schedule is going to be crucial to its success, and I'm committed to sticking to one. I'm also planning on updating three times a week, thus I need quite a few pages in the bag prior to launching. Luckily, I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. Okay, here's one more sneak peak...
Super Seed
  • I recently finished up the Blood Thinning storyline over at superseedcomic.com. I'm going to hold off launching the next storyline, Poster Child, until I hear whether ICE will be in a Zuda competition or not. Basically, if ICE gets in a Zuda contest, then I want to run Super Seed updates concurrently, and run an ICE banner ad along with Super Seed, so that people who check out Super Seed at Webcomics Nation will be encouraged to head on over to read ICE as well. If Zuda passes on ICE, then I'll start Super Seed updates shortly after being notified.
  • I recently checked out my sales of Super Seed over at Indyplanet.com. I was pleasantly surprised to see a big jump in sales recently for all issues of Super Seed. I often forget those issues are being sold online, so it was nice to check in and see people are finding it and adding Super Seed to their stacks. I think my recent appearance at the Boston Comic Con and my podcast interview on Comic Related can probably take credit for the boost in online sales.
Other News
  • Next month, I'll be starting a weekly column on a popular comics news website. I'm stoked about it. Expect an announcement with more details about the site and the column soon.
  • I'm drawing a comic page for a pretty cool "History of Comics" comic for a writer I met at the Boston Comic Con. I've got to finish the page up tonight, but will share when it's done.
  • Bummed that my Creating Comics! class was canceled this spring, but I've been talking online with one of the people who signed up (he too was bummed) and it looks like we'll be getting together to talk comics sometime in the near future. So cool!
  • I'm looking into my next convention appearances, and expect to have some announcements about the next shows I'll be at shortly.
That about wraps things up over here. Wow. If this is a quiet month...

Till next time,


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