Boston Comic Con Report

What a show!

This past Saturday and Sunday, the Back Bay Events Center was crawling with comic book enthusiasts, creators and even a few super heroes. It was a great time. Each show I do, I seem to be stepping up my game in terms of table layout, products offered, and refinement of my pitch. As a result, I moved a bunch of books and talked to a lot of people. Here are a few highlights:
  • My Free Sketches campaign was a success. All but one sketch went unclaimed, and it seemed that everyone who recieved a free sketch was very happy with it. This is a promotion I'll continue to do at shows.
  • Debuting Tyler James Comics Presents...Vol. 1- This book sold well. I'm very proud of it, so it was easy to pitch.
  • Super Seed continues to attract a lot of interest. My favorite pitch was to a couple dressed as Green Arrow and the Black Canary. I said, "You know, some day you might be considering having children, and you might need the services of the world's first super powered fertility clinic." They bought a few issues.
  • Met some cool new creators. Ben Bishop, an extremely talented illustrator, was at the table next door. Ben's 300 page graphic novel Nathan the Caveman sold pretty well, and it made me realize the importance of having an item on the table that's a little more expensive and has a bigger profit margin than my $3-$5 books. Otherwise, it's very difficult to even break even at these shows...which is my next goal for a con.
  • I also met Curtis Lawson, writer of Kincaid, who had a table across from me. Curtis is working on a very cool project, a history of comics comic book, being drawn by a number of different artists. I'm going to do a page for that book. He sent me the script today and it should be a lot of fun.
  • Got my CounterTERROR pin-up from Chris Gibbs. It's pretty hot. I'll have to color that bad boy up soon.
  • Also got up from my table for a bit and got my copy of Wetworks #1 signed by Whilce Portacio and New Avengers Illuminati signed by Jim Cheung. Talented dudes, the both of them.
  • Several members of my family came through the con and stopped by. That was great.
  • And finally, I got my picture taken with Supergirl. You know you're jealous.

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bishart said...

hey man, great to meet you as well. awesome work. "my kid could turn your honor student to ice."