On the Net #1: Wrong Turn

Heh. I'm moving this week, and doing all of the packing and cleaning that changing addresses entails, and what did I come across? Why, my first (and only) attempt at making a short film. What's this have to do with comics you say? Well, actually it relates very well.

In 2001, after a rough first year as a teacher in inner city New Orleans, I hopped in my car and drove out west for a summer in LaLa land. On a whim, I enrolled in a course at the University of Southern California's School of Cinema and Television- a summer workshop called "Directing Intensive." It was basically a 5 week crash course in movie making, with the end-of-course project being a finished short film. It was five weeks of running around L.A. writing, casting, rehearsing, producing, directing, and editing a film. In hind site, it was a hell of a lot of work, and I'm kind of amazed I was able to get it done. LA is a different place...but we'll deal with that some other time.

I decided to adapt a Sin City yarn titled "Wrong Turn," which I believe was from Frank Miller's Booze, Broads, and Bullets collection. While it's pretty embarassing looking at the final product now, I still get a kick out of it. And hey, the $158 million world wide that Robert Rodriquez's Sin City movie made four years later proves at the very least that I can pick material that will work well on the big screen. I'll admit that not even Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba could have saved my flick...but hey, it was my first crack.

So get your popcorn ready...

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