Pin-Ups #3: Homages

I spend most of my comics creation time focused on developing my own comic projects. As a result, I don't have the most extensive sketchbook of mainstream comic characters. But I do read a ton of super hero books, and from time to time I can't resist tackling them. And every once and a while, I decide to do a homage piece. When I see a layout that I just can't resist, I'll grab the lightbox and then put my own twist on it...usually swapping in different characters. These always make for strong finished pieces, and while I can't take all the credit, they're fun to do. I've included a few of my favorite examples that I've done over the past year or two.

Each of these pieces include characters from Rob Liefeld's catalog of characters, and shared them over on his boards.

This first piece was a homage of David Finch's awesome first cover for the New Avengers. I adapted the cover to be a mock cover for a book that was advertised but never was released- The Allies, comprising of characters from Rob's extreme universe.

This next piece was based on McNiven's awesome cover to the second issue of Civil War.

And finally here is a piece I did entirely digitally. It was for Diehard pin-up contest...I couldn't resist.

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