Super Seed #16- Still Rolling...

I'm still very happy with the relaunch of Super Seed as an ongoing webcomic. My daily page views are continuing to rise, people are contacting me to enter my monthly drawing contest (more details on that can be found HERE) and I've managed to consistently update with new pages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I've recently moved (more on that in a later post) and so I've been away from the drawing table for a while. All of my things have been packed or in transit and have yet to be organized and put in their proper places. But I'm thrilled with my new location for two main reasons. One, I've reduced my commute to work from a soul-sucking hour plus drive each way, down to a scenic 5 minute stroll to the office. This is going to greatly increase the time I have to devote to comic projects...two hours a day saved, times 5 days a week, times 40 plus work weeks a year....yeah, that's some serious time I'm getting back, not to mention a great boost to my quality of life. (Oh yeah, and my wallet...Sorry Mr. Mobile, Sorry Mr. Hess, won't be coming by so often any more.)

Another reason my change of locale will be great for my comics production is that I'm going to have my own office/studio that I can really hook up just the way I want. More on that in a post to come.

I seem to have gotten off the topic of this post, which is Super Seed...but hey, my move will mean I'll have more time and energy to keep Super Seed coming out regularly for weeks and months to come. A new page was uploaded today, and one of my favorite pages is going to be dropped on Friday. Here's a larger image of a piece of that page. I guess it's pretty obvious why I like the new page so much...

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