September Projects Update!

I'm at the point now where I have a nice variety of projects in the works. Keeping them straight and all moving along smoothly is it's own challenge, but one I'm excited about tackling. On this blog, I'm going to do monthly updates to keep readers (and myself) up-to-date on the current status of the projects I'm working on. So, here we go:

Super Seed
  • The webcomic is continuing with thrice weekly updates, and continues to grow in popularity. It's currently on the "Birth Perfects" interlude.
  • The third chapter in the Super Seed saga is now available for purchase at Indyplanet.com for the low price of $2.99. Get Super Seed: "Donor" (Issue 3 of 4) here!
  • I'm continuing to plug away at the pencils and inks on Issue #4, which will complete the Super Seed mini-series. I'm currently working on page 9. No date yet for when this, the "Surrogate" storyline, will debut. But it's coming.
  • Big announcement coming soon, but counterTERROR is moving forward at an accellerated pace. Script is done, most of the layouts are done, and pencils have started this week. I'm going to push hard for completion of the first 8 pages by Thanksgiving.
"Friend Request"
  • This short story is currently being inked by the talented Mike Babinski. Since there is no real time pressure on this story, I'm not pressing Mike to put this at the top of his queue. It will get done in time.
Unannounced Political/Psychological Thriller
  • Have yet to announce this project, because I'm waiting to have some images to show before I make the big announcement. But I've been researching the heck out of this one, and I'm really pushing the envelope in terms of the kind of stuff I've done before and even stretching the bounds of what comics have traditionally done. I'm excited about it.
  • I have a talented artist attached. He's got some of the script to work with and character descriptions, and is doing preliminary sketches and layouts.
  • Stay tuned for an announcement with the details on this one.
Unannounced Fantasy Tale
  • Another project I've kept under wraps till now. This is my A Princess Bride, my Willow, my Lord of the Rings. The basic plot points and outline have been in my head for years. But it wasn't until my artists search, looking through the portfolio's of artists with more of a fantasy style that the hamster wheel in my head started churning. I've found a tone and edge to the story that was previously lacking and the thing just started writing itself.
  • I have an artist attached who is working on character designs and a pinup. The first 8 pages of the script are complete, and I'm hoping to fast track this story as well.
  • Stay tuned for more details on this one as well.
  • And here's a sneak peak, art from talented artist Koko Amboro:

  • I displayed a pinup image for this comic earlier in the month. While I'm still committed to this concept and think it has a lot of promise, the fact is I could only juggle so many projects at once. So for the time being, this project is going to be shelved until I find the time to do character sheets, an extended outline, and delve a ways into the script.
  • I do have talented artists in mind for this project, so I'm still motivated to keep this project moving forward.

So, that's about it...There might be a few other things in the hopper, but these projects are the ones that make my priority list.

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Steve Steiner said...

holy crap! and I thought I was busy! I just finished reading the first installment of Super Seed. It was a good read! Best of luck