ICE #1- Introductions

Earlier this month, I mentioned a political/psychological thriller comic I'm working on. Let me introduce you to ICE: Interrogation Control Element. Here's the pitch:

ICE: Interrogation Control Element

Thomas "Trip" Higgins was one of the US military's top interrogators in the war on terror. Trip consistently broke prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq by using highly sophisticated ruses, psychological tricks and other methods well within the bounds of the Geneva Conventions. But as the methods of his colleagues became more and more severe and higher authorities turned a blind eye towards interrogations that increasingly relied on humiliation, deprivation, degradation, and even torture, Trip became disillusioned with his profession and left the military.

Several years later, after writing a bestselling book that recounted his experiences and outlined a manifesto of reform of US policies and practices of interrogation, Trip is shocked by a new offer. The government wants Trip back, asking him to serve as "Senior Echo" (Chief of Interrogators) for its brand new Interrogation Control Element; a state of the art facility charged with the interrogation of the most important prisoners in US custody. With the new administration closing GTMO and promising increased oversight of interrogations, they need an effective interrogator to head this new facility, and Trip is their man. In his new role, Trip will have to oversee a young team of interrogators, teaching them his tricks in the interrogation room.

After getting off to a rough start, Trip's team hits its stride, breaking prisoners and gaining valuable information. In the process, they start to uncover a deadly plot threatening thousands of American lives. But as they get closer to the head of this terrorist plot, there is a backlash. When Trip's team and family are threatened, just how far will this by the book interrogator go to save them?

ICE is a comic that is topical, political, and action-packed, and is inspired by true events.

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