CounterTERROR #4- New Artist Onboard!

As promised, an announcement regarding CounterTERROR. As followers of this blog know, I've been working on this action/horror/thriller comic for some time now. For the past year, I've been collaborating with artist Jacob Bear on CounterTERROR, which is a story that's a nice mash-up of 24 and 28 Days Later. Jacob has done some great work on the title (literally- he designed the logo!) but unfortunately (well, for me, not for him) after turning some heads at Wizard World Chicago this past year, Jacob got the opportunity to do some work for a popular publisher. As a result, Jacob really hasn't had much time to spend on CounterTERROR, and recently I decided (in consultation with Jacob) to move the book forward with another artist.

I'm happy to announce that Stefano Cardoselli will now be the artist on CounterTERROR. Stefano's a great artist, and he's been working at a fast pace, churning out layouts and pencils. At the rate Stefano's working, I'm optomistic I'll be able to debut this comic before the end of the year...which is perfect, because it takes place December 31, 2008!

So here's the first look at CounterTERROR's new artist!

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