CounterTERROR #1: Coming Soon!

I suppose it's time to mention another series I'm working on...CounterTERROR! I'm collaborating with Jacob Bear on this series. Jacob will be penciling, I'll be writing, and it should be a blast. I did the above promo image to get psyched up for this project. It should be almost non-stop action and a lot of fun for the reader.

I describe this comic series as "24 meets 28 Days Later." Here is the quick elevator pitch:

It's New Year's Eve, 2008. In the waning days of the Bush presidency, the lame duck president is alone, long since abandoned by the American public and even his closest aids and political allies. Though deflated, he still clings to the one conerstone of his administration- that there hasn't been another attack on American soil since 9/11...

Yet Muslim extremists have gotten hold of a highly contagious, weaponized flesh eating and rage inducing virus that drives the infected insane and murderous. The plan: to deliver the "zombie" virus via a number of self- injecting "suicide bombers" in New York City on New Years Eve. Their goal: put true terror into terrorism.

It's up to FBI counter-terrorism specialist Dorian McCullough to control the spread of the virus, and stop a bomber from releasing the virus in Times Square when the ball drops.

Stay tuned for more CounterTERROR updates!


Caine said...

How much of this book and its stories and themes can we expect to be a direct commentary of "real" people, places and situations? How much will be a fictional action adventure series?

Tyler James said...

Good question...First and foremost, CounterTERROR is a fast-paced action/horror story, and to that end, much of the plot points and major protagonists are fictional.

That being said, my research for the story has involved an examination of biological weaponry, counter terrorism surveillance techniques, NYC disaster and emergency relief planning, etc. In the writing of the book, I've reached out to friends working in both the NSA and for the Department of Defense, and am hoping to create a very believable world.

Furthermore, my desire to specifically set the story in the last days of the Bush presidency is based on my interest in taking a hard look at the "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" and the "bring it on" approach to the war on terror of the current administration. So the book will be able to be read on that level...

And it'll have a lot of ass kicking. :)