On the Screen #2: Hancock

I wanted to love this movie. I really did. It's an absolute shame that I walked out of the theater disappointed.

The fact that the movie is a big success is besides the point. Will Smith is a box office machine...if a movie with him playing a homeless stockbroker stock broker could rake in $160 million, a highly marketed, 4th of July super hero flick was sure to rake it in. But that's beside the point. Will Smith wasn't the problem with this film.

And neither was Jason Bateman, who was solid in his roll. Nothing wrong with Charlize's performance either. Hell, I even liked the little kid (last seen being taught to stand up to bullies by Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights.)

But what started out as an intriguing concept and an interesting character completely fell apart in the third act. Sure, you've probably heard there is a story twist (which I won't spoil here) but the twist certainly did not make the movie. If anything, it simply led to talk and explanation of a clearly hackneyed Hancock mythology, and the movie simply sputtered along to a poorly conceived finish.

Another problem...at the last minute, they decided to throw in a main villian for Hancock. This
guy was an absolute joke, and made Kevin Spacey's Lex Luther look like Darth Vader. Action movie 101...the villian should be as interesting (or more) than the hero. Comic book movies usually get so caught up in convincing us how cool the character is, that they short shrift the villians. As a result, I left the movie with no desire to see a Hancock sequel.

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