On the Screen #4: The Watchmen Trailer

Now this is how to make a trailer!

Zack Snyder is certainly an ambitious dude. He made a name for himself with his strong direction of Frank Miller's 300, so I'm sure he probably seemed a logical choice for tackling The Watchmen. But making a movie like The Watchmen is a challenge in a whole other league. The graphic novel 300 was almost tailor made for the screen. Simple, straight-forward story, big cinematic visuals, clear cut good good guys and bad guys, big time action, and even a real world connection to contemporary world conflicts. Snyder actually had to add a few story points not in the 300 comic in order to have enough material to fill out a feature length flick.

He won't have that problem with The Watchmen.

The The Watchmen graphic novel is a dense 400 plus page tome. Rather than cinematic visuals, Dave Gibbon's favored the more traditional 6-9 panel page grids you don't see much of in today's comics. Alan Moore's story itself is complex and multi-faceted...it's political commentary and meta-commentary. It's The Watchmen! Entertainment Weekly is calling it "the riskiest superhero movie of all-time." They just might be right.

However, if this trailer is any indication, that risk is going to pay off big time.

The world will look up and shout, "Save us!" And I'll whisper, "No."


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