Super Seed #18- Put a Fork in Issue Three...

Happy to say that I've put a fork in another issue of Super Seed. Usually, finishing a full 22-page comic gives me a feeling of great accomplishment. However, after finishing this issue, I more or less just relieved. While I'm pretty sure I finished the penciling and inking stage in record time, I definitely hit the wall when it came to coloring. This speaks to just how hard it is to be a one-man shop. Here's a look at the time I spend on each stage of the comic process:

Layouts: (1-2 hours per page) Pencils: (6-8 hours per page) Inks: (6-8 hours per page) Scanning and Formatting: (1/2 hour per page) Colors Flats: (3-4 hours per page) Colors Finished: (4-6 hours per page) Lettering: (1-3 hours per page) Final Page Formatting for Print: (1/2 hour per page) X 22 pages

So, pulling out my calculator, I might spend upwards of 32 hours on one page! If you throw in time spent on a cover, and any additional pages for the print books (letters pages, print pages, ads for comics coming soon, etc.) the total amount of time spent on one issue approaches 800 hours.

Jeez, that's depressing.

But hopefully, that might explain why it's relief I feel upon completion of Super Seed #3: Donor. I should also point out that this issue was chronologically the first Super Seed story I ever wrote. I knew eventually I would draw this comic, so in a sense, it's been hanging over my head for the past four years. So, I'm definitely happy to have this one in the books. I still have a few supplementary pages (pin-ups, letters pages, ads) to finish, but I should send the files off to the printers within the next week.

Be on the lookout for an announcement when print copies will be available for purchase.

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