Creating Comics #5: Jam Comics!

Only one more week to go for my Creating Comics! class with the students at Nock Middle School in Newburyport. It's been a good time, and the kids are incredibly creative. Here's an exercise we did in class that was a lot of fun...JAM COMICS! The directions were simple.
  1. Each student was given a comic page and told to draw the first panel.
  2. After drawing the first panel, the student would pass the page to the next student in line.
  3. Each panel had special rules the students needed to follow.
  • Panel 1- Introduce a Main Character and Setting/Situation
  • Panel 2- Introduce a problem.
  • Panel 3 – Introduce a supporting character.
  • Panel 4 – The problem gets even worse.
  • Panel 5 – The character tries to Fix the problem.
  • Panel 6 – The resolution? Did he/she/it fix the problem.

4. Each page was six panels long, and told a one page comic story.

Here are some examples of the work done by the students...and I did a few panels as well.

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