March Projects Update!

Almost let the month elapse without an update. Let's get to it.

Conventions and Appearances
  • Despite a small turnout and limited merchandise to sell, I had a good time at the Boston Comic Book and Toy Spectacular. It was really just a warm up to prepare me for...
  • The Boston Comic Con! I'm really excited about this show. It should be one of the biggest Boston has had, and I'm certainly doing my part to make it a great show. So far I've drawn 7 FREE sketches for con attendees, and have a few more still on my list.
  • Today, I received a shipment of books that I'll have for sale at the show... Tyler James Comics Presents... Vol. 1 collects three different stories, by four different artists, all written by me. It's a Boston Comic Con Exclusive book.
  • I have some family coming in for the big show next weekend, so that should just make things all the more interesting. I'm expecting my most successful show yet. Obviously, I'm pumped.
Tears of the Dragon

A good news/ bad news situation.
  • First, the bad news. Tears was submitted to Zuda Comics in January. I haven't heard from Zuda saying Tears was accepted into a competition. Since the three month acceptance/rejection decision is up in just a few days, I've concluded it's a rejection from Zuda.
  • The good news...I'm glad. I am so psyched about the promise of Tears of the Dragon that I'm going full-steam ahead with it anyway! I'm happy to keep full rights to the property, and a rejection from Zuda just makes me all the more determined to make sure Tears is a huge success. Koko Amboro is on board, and we're going to continue to bring this story to life. Most likely, it will debut as a webcomic, with print collections to follow.

ICE: Interrogation Control Element
  • My strategy more than half a year ago was to partner with three different artists on three different stories, giving me three cracks at a Zuda Competition. While I've produced, what I think, are three high quality comics, so far, I'm 0-for-2.
    Regardless, it's been a great experience. I've worked with other comics professionals and managed multiple projects to completion. Thi is great experience.
  • ICE is my last hope from this initial strategy. Luckily, I believe that it is probably the comic with the most chance at success on Zuda.
  • I've sent out a few submissions packages to publishers, pitching ICE. So far, I've received no response. So, I'm prepping to submit ICE to Zuda as originally planned.
  • Paul Little has been coloring ICE and doing a bang up job thus far.
  • So, when I get the official Tears rejection notice from Zuda and can thus submit another comic, I'll be firing off ICE, and playing the waiting game once more.

Screenplay/Graphic Novel Project
  • Last month, I finished the third draft of my screenplay. So far, it's been reviewed by 6 readers, and the response has been very positive. My favorite response so far, from a complete stranger- "This is a movie I would go see, and tell my friends to go see." Yeah, can't ask for more from a review than that.
  • The script still needs work of course...if Nora Ephron had to do at least 6 drafts of When Harry Met Sally, lord knows how many drafts I'll need to do. I'm going to get a few more reviews before I start a new draft, though. And I'm currently looking into getting some professional coverage. However...
  • The biggest news of the month...I'VE STARTED DRAWING COMICS AGAIN! It's been months since I've completed a comics page. Sure, I've been coloring, and lettering and formatting and all sorts of other activities related to making comics. But it's been a long while since I've penciled and inked a comic page. But the hiatus is over.
  • Now, I've kept this project close to the chest for a while now, for several reasons, which I'm sure I'll get into over time. And I'm not ready to reveal anything more about this project at this time. But I can tell you that I'm 4 complete pages in, and loving it so far. And what the hell, here is the tiniest of sneak peaks.

Creating Comics! Classes

Other Projects
  • Nothing new to report on Super Seed or CounterTERROR, but hoping to have some news regarding those projects soon.
  • The article series My Writing Process will finish up next month, and then I'll move forward with my plans for a follow up.

In short, things are busy. A lot of plates are spinning and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Can't ask for much more than that, right?

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