CounterTERROR #11: Updates

It's been more than a month since my last CounterTERROR update. Let me run down some of the latest news...
  • The bad news. Zuda Comics decided to pass on CT, and I found out earlier this month that it "did not meet their editorial needs at this time." Both artist Stefano Cardoselli and I were very shocked at this, believing CT to be a superior submission to both our earlier accepted submissions to Zuda. But what can you do? I thought the fact that Aeon of the Dead won last month's competition boded ill for CT. I mean, how many zombie comics (or twists on zombie comics) can that sight support? Of course, there's a serious flaw in that theory, seeing as this month's current first place contestant IS ANOTHER ZOMBIE COMIC! Oh well. I'll remain convinced that CT would have given all of this month's or any month's Zuda contestants a run for their money, but I wish the other competitors well, and hope to join their ranks again soon with one of my other comic properties.
  • So what now for CounterTERROR? Well, Stefano and I identified a small batch of indy publishers who might be interested in publishing CT. Given it's current webcomic format, our scope of publishers are limited. I do have some promising leads, however, and have been putting together submissions packages. Hopefully, I'll have more news to share soon.
  • CounterTERROR will be featured in the inaugural issue of Tyler James Presents!, a print comic that will feature excerpts from my collaborations over the past year, and serve as a showcase for my talents. More on this to come.
  • I'll make the commitment, here and now, that if CounterTERROR does not find a publisher in the next four months, I'll self-publish it myself on the web. Stefano and I are really excited to share our work on this title. For those of you who have been interested in CounterTERROR, I really appreciate your patience. Believe me, I want the story out there.
So that's the CT update. Hopefully more good things in store for it.

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