On the Tube #1: Lie To Me

Though I watch a fair amount (understatement!) of TV, I haven't done much tube-talk on this blog.

I'm going to break that tradition, by giving a nod to the new Fox show Lie To Me. It's worth giving a shot.

It stars the always enjoyable Tim "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!" Roth as the world's foremost expert on the science of truth telling. Basically, he's a hotshot consultant who specializes in finding out the truth. He does so by a combination of scientific gadgets and body language analysis.

I'm particularly interested in this program, as I have been researching body language and truth ascertaining techniques for my interrogator comic, ICE. Every episode has at least a few gems worth noting. On particularly cool aspect to the show is that they intersperse clips of actors on the show demonstrating gestures that prove they are lying with real life examples. For example, a character on last night's episode tried to downplay the cost of a failed experiment. "It really wasn't that expensive," he said as he steps backward. Tim Roth's character calls it out to him, and then a quick cut to old Nixon footage of him declaring innocence while...you guessed it...stepping backward. Very fun stuff.

Supposedly the show is doing pretty well. I wonder how long they can go before they run out of clever truth telling tells, but for the time being, I'll definitely give it a shot.

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