Tears of the Dragon #8: Submission is a Wrap!

I'm more than pleased to announce that my 8 page, Tears of the Dragon submission is now complete!

And it's good.

Real good.

(I think.)

Koko Amboro and Paul Little really did an outstanding job on the art for this story, and I'm really optimistic that it's going to resonate with people.

I was able to use the time off from work on New Year's Day to block out a few hours and for the first time do a thorough outline for the entire story. While I've had the major story points and beats in my head for years, this was the first time I made the commitment to tie the entire story together.

After doing that exercise, I feel stronger than ever that this is a story that needs to be told. I'm hoping to turn some heads with these pages at the New York Comic Con.

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