Editing & Critiques #1: Reprisal by Matthew Watkins

In a recent Bolts & Nuts column (must read weekly reading for aspiring comic creators), Steven Forbes tackled the subject of becoming a better writer. One of his suggestions is that comic writers can improve by taking the time to analyze and critique other writer's scripts. Sometimes it's easier to recognize our own mistakes in writing when we see them made by other people. Also, it's training for turning a critical eye towards scripts, that will come in handy during your own re-writes.

I've decided to follow his advice, and found a recently uploaded script over at Penciljack. The script is for a 10-page comic book short story, called Reprisal. It's the story of a hunter's pursuit of a great white wolf, a pursuit that will cost him his hand, and much more.

You can check out the script, and my critique of the script here.

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