Tears of the Dragon #9: The Royal Treatment

Genuine enthusiasm for one's work is paramount.

I'm blessed to have just completed, finally, the full treatment of Tears of the Dragon, the fantasy story/comic I'm working on with Koko Amboro and Paul Little. And after finishing it, I've never been more enthusiastic about a project, and more convinced that I've got to do whatever it takes to get this story published.

As I've mentioned before, this has been a story jostling around in my brain for half my life, more or less. It's my tribute to some of the great fantasy movies that so captivated my youth (The Princess Bride, Willow) and some of the more recent flicks that still have that effect on me (Lord of the Rings Trilogy.)

After years and years of having very little of the story committed to paper but ideas forever working themselves out in my head, I finally had the luxury to block out a couple days time and work through the entire tale on paper.

As it turned out, it was far more epic than even I had imagined, encompassing seven complete acts. Writing is not always easy. In fact, it rarely is. But this was one of those times where the writing came fast and painless. The twists, turning points and transitions came naturally, and though quite the large tale, I don't think there's a dull moment in the entire treatment.

Of course, this kind of exuberance is common after reaching such a milestone, and I'm sure a lot of my enthusiasm is directly related to the joy of completion. I recognize the treatment needs a THOROUGH polish, and there is likely to be a fair amount of editing still to come, not to mention the panel breakdowns and dialogue (which aren't included in a treatment.) But regardless, I'm thoroughly confident I have in Tears of the Dragon what all fiction writers strive for...a good story, well-told.

And that's something to get enthusiastic about.

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