Tears of the Dragon #10: Submitted!

Okay, Tears of the Dragon has been submitted to my first choice of publishers. And now the waiting game begins...

The fact that I was able to answer the receipt of a rejection of one of my comic projects with a submission of a new project THE VERY NEXT DAY, is validation that I made a good decision to work on multiple projects at once. To continue my theme of seeing life as a series of big victories and little defeats, I've taken the little defeat of one project's rejection, and responded by throwing an even better submission back out into the world.

Since the submission process is an important part of breaking into the comics game, and pitching is a skill you need to develop if you ever expect anyone else to invest in your ideas (and a skill I've been trying hard this year to hone), I'll share with you my current two-sentence quick pitch of Tears of the Dragon:

A well-traveled old man and his young grandchildren make a pilgrimage to return the ashes of their grandmother to her homeland. To pass the time, the old man spins an epic tale of love, murder, magic, revenge, and redemption.

What's next for TOTD while I play the waiting game? Well, here are some things to look forward to...
  • Koko Amboro is working on another Pin-Up for Tears of the Dragon, which I hope to use as a promo piece. Really looking forward to receiving that.
  • A logo! I need to block a time to work on a dynamic TOTD logo, or consult with a good logo designer.
  • Tears of the Dragon Production Blog...because maintaining two blogs is just not enough! But seriously, TOTD is going to need a home on the web, so I'll be putting together a production blog similar to the one for CounterTerror. I have a ton of great character sketches and designs done by Koko Amboro that have yet to be published, and a production blog would be the perfect spot for them.
Those are the big things I'll be working on as I wait and see what kind of response I get to TOTD from the first publisher. I do have some other things planned to help promote this book, and I plan on doing a hard sell to the publisher at NY Comic Con if I don't hear from them regarding Tears before then.

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Jason B-L/ DragonFUZE said...

I know a great logo designer who has done heaps of comics work. Email me if you want his email.