Super Seed #10- Ads

Being involved in this month's Zuda competition has been very interesting. I'm planning on doing a whole forum post over at the Zuda boards detailing "Lessons Learned" from competing...but we'll let that wait until after this month's competition is done.

One of the interesting things I've had the opportunity to study is advertising effectiveness. In a previous blog post, I showed two of my banner ads that I've been placing around the net that have been working. But this ad below has been far and away the most effective in terms of getting clicks. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered turning page views into favorites and votes over at Zuda. Fact is, there are only so many things that one can control.

Anyway, here's the ad that's been very successful.

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RKB said...

I can see why this would get the most attention it's got that demi moore is naked and preggers on the cover of a magazine vibe, from the mid-90's. Good Ad.