Super Seed #8- Time for a Contest!

I think it's time for a contest!

While Super Seed has certainly received it's fair share of critiques, one of the things that I've always thought it had going for it was its strength as a concept. The challenge is of course in the execution. The idea of a fertility clinic specializing in superbabies is just that...an idea. But what kind of book is this? A horror book, about the dangers of powers gone awry? A comedy book about the wacky things that happen in a world with powers obsessed parents? A super hero smash fest that takes place in a hospital?

The options are endless, and I think I wrestled with them all. Case in point, the pages below. I flirted for a short time with making Super Seed as a more lighthearted, cartoony book, more focused on gags and humor. I tried to shoot outside my usual comfort zone, experimenting with a style I hadn't tried before. While this approach was quickly "aborted" (bad pun intended), I do have the pages below that hint at what that approach might have looked like. But I never scripted them...

The Contest

Your turn to write. I've provided the sequentials, you provide the words. I'll choose the top entries, and put them up to a vote. You game?

Submissions will be accepted until 11.59 PM next Wednesday, April 16th.

Winning entries can be emailed to superseedcomic@gmail.com or can be uploaded online, with the links pasted as a response to this thread.

The Prizes
  1. Your choice of an original piece of Super Seed art OR I will draw you a sketch of a character of your choice.
  2. I will stalk the comic book creator of your choice at this month's New York ComicCon and get you something signed from them.

Good Luck!




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