Super Seed #7- Promotion and the Genius of Zuda

I've been selectively placing the following ads around, trying to drum up additional interest in Super Seed. This process has made me realize part of the genius of the Zuda business plan. Each month, they choose 10 contestants who are absolutely passionate about their comics. The cost to Zuda isn't insignificant...at $500 per comic, that's 5 grand a month. But it seems clear to me that Zuda is getting a two-for-one deal for their money. First, they're getting content (which is the reason people go to the site in the first place.) And second...they're getting tons of advertising. It seems to me that some contestants spend well over their $500 winners pay on advertising (one even advertised on the front of MySpace! That's serious coin.) And even those that don't pay a dime in dollars, still spend their time and energy plastering the Zuda name all over the internet on their blogs, facebookmyspacefriendster pages, and try to alert every person they know about the site. Can you put a value on that? I'm betting Zuda planners can and did, and I'm betting it's a lot more than $5000 a month.

So kudos to Zuda and its business savvy. No time to talk. Need to pimp Zud-err, I mean Super Seed.

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