Super Seed #9- Postcards

Receive my shipment of Super Seed Promo postcards in the mail yesterday. They look nice, and the deal I got on them from gotprint.com was quite reasonable. I spent today hitting up the local comic shops to spread them around. One thing I've been pleased to find is that comic shops, at least in the Cambridge/Boston area, are very supportive of local creators and were enthusiastic about the contest.

I also had some requests for postcards, so I mailed a bunch out today. I'll hopefully get rid of most of them next weekend at the New York Comic Con. But if anyone wants one, just fire an email with your name and address to superseedcomic@gmail.com.


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Jane Braxton said...

Really cool! I feel the hype of this cards..I got my own business cards from Impression Emedia it's awesome ;)