Super Seed #2- Origins

Three years ago, I found myself in a serious rut. I was completely bored at work and succumbing to an “Is this really all there is to my life” melancholy that seems to be all the rage with twenty-somethings these days. We’ll call it my quarter-life crisis.

On a whim I happened to peruse through the continuing education course catalog offered at my alma mater, Georgetown University. It had been three years since graduation, and while I certainly felt I had given Gtown enough of my money already, I saw a course that looked interesting. It was titled comic book script writing.
It had been a while since I’d done anything comics related. Back in middle school and high school I logged in thousands of hours on comic projects, racking up over 100 pages of sequential artwork. Some of it actually wasn’t half bad. But as I discovered the joys of beer and women, my time spent at the art table took a serious nose dive (see chart.) And once I settled into a post-college routine, I never picked it back up. Taking the comics writing course was the single biggest factor in getting me back into creating comics.

The course was led by A. David Lewis, author of The Lone and Level Sands (
www.captionbox.net) and the product of that class was the issue of Super Seed that will begin being published on Monday. So, I’ve been working on the Super Seed concept for three years now, and have put a lot into it. I’m pumped that its getting wider exposure now, and hope it delivers.

Getting back into comics definitely contribited to me getting out of my mid-twenties funk, as it became clear that there was a creativity void in my life that needed filling.

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